Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel
Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel
Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel
Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel
Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel
Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel

Morse Code Bar Necklace - Matte Steel

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Morse code was one of the first forms of long distant communication invented by Samuel Morse in 1836. Morse code was vital during World War II, especially in carrying messages between the warships and the naval bases of the belligerents.

Morse code is longer than the alphabet. There is a 16 character limit in morse code on the front and back. There is a 14 character limit in morse code on the sides with holes. Each dot counts as a single character, each dash counts as a single character. Spaces count as a character.

★ Check out the Morse Code Chart before ordering.

1.5 inch pendant - 24 inch stainless box chain
Matte stainless steel bar

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