Limited lifetime warranty

Most of our jewelry items have a limited lifetime warranty. We’re pretty stringent with our quality control, but occasionally something might slip through the cracks. If your product is faulty, or we sent you an incorrect order by mistake, send it back to us for a replacement or a full refund. Our warranty also covers any accidental breakage that may occur. We take pride in our handcrafted items and triple check the quality and strength before it leaves our doors. But, we are aware that mistakes and accidents happen - babies pull on necklaces, bracelets get caught on things, and so on. Most jewelry contains delicate components. Please contact us to file a warranty claim. Our warranty does not cover water damage. We have it listed in multiple places (product listings, invoices, policies, and even a jewelry care card with every order) that all non-stainless and plated jewelry must be kept dry. Sweat and oily/acidic skin can also damage plated metals which is out of our control.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Lost or stolen items
  • Water / chemical damage
  • Apparel
  • Skin care
  • Clearance

There is a 2 year warranty on all watches.

In order for your warranty claim to be accepted, we will ask for photo proof of any damage. Normal wear and tear is not considered faulty (scratches, scuffs, etc) and will not be accepted in a warranty claim.

If you experience any damages within 100 days from delivery date, we will pay for shipping to repair the item. After 100 days, this will be considered accidental breakage on the customers end (because of wear and tear) so the customer is responsible for all shipping charges - the item will still be repaired for free. Shipping charges are paid to the shipping companies, we make no money on shipping costs.

Warranty claims are limited to 2 claims in a products lifetime. We cannot be held responsible for continuous negligence towards jewelry care.

If you are experiencing any rare breakage towards your purchase please contact us to let us know. Please have a photo ready of your item so your warranty claim can go through. We will be happy to help you.