All of our items have a 90 day warranty. Our warranty covers any breakage that occurs within the 90 day period from the delivery date. We take pride in our handcrafted items and triple check the quality and strength before it leaves our doors. But, we are aware that mistakes and accidents happen - babies pull on necklaces, bracelets get caught on things, and so on.

Our warranty does not cover water damage. We have it listed in multiple places (listings, invoices, policies, and even a jewelry care card in every order) that all jewelry must be kept dry - especially the plated ones. This is not just a Modern Out thing, this is a worldwide thing for thousands of jewelry companies. Water can be very damaging over time - even corrosive for the most expensive, premium jewelry companies. Modern Out cannot be held responsible for negligence towards your jewelry care - if kept dry, your item will last and that's a fact. If you state that theirs damage but never got it wet, then you are unaware of it getting wet or your skin is so acidic that you cannot wear jewelry - which again, not in our control. Sweat, lotions, soaps and perfumes can also effect metals. Thanks for your understanding and apologies for the bluntness.

If you are experiencing any rare breakage towards your item please contact us to let us know. We will be happy to help you out.