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Modern Out provides quality and affordable handmade accessories to help evelate the style of the modern man. Modern Out is a jewelry brand that connects with your mood. Whether you are a minimalist or enjoy riding a Harley, we have something for everyone. Modern Out is about expressing what makes you your own. We are here to meet your aesthetic, not for you to convert to ours.

Modern Out began with a single bracelet back in 2012. Today, Modern Out has a huge following of loyal customers and the consistent inspiration they give the brand everyday fuels the brand’s experience. Founder and designer, Trevor Adams, has turned his passion project into a global brand. Having shipped to over 50 countries around the world, Modern Out has become an international interest. Modern Out holds the reputation that their masculine products are timeless and unique while evolving into an accessory brand anyone can fall in love with.

We at Modern Out know the value of great work but we also know that affordability is extremely important. We view all of our customers as our friends and you would never want to over charge a friend. Our initial concept since the beginning was to cater more to the masculine style of jewelry but not to only supply them for men. As we did some research over the years, many women also love to wear our accessories and we are here for it!

Modern Out’s headquarters is located in Louisiana, USA. The southern charm with the modern edge gives this label a unique look that separates them from the competitors. We keep our team small because our goal is to not sky rocket and become a faceless company. Modern Out symbolizes today's modern age. We are a small business that believes in what's right. With our name, each piece is a reminder that everyone should be considered equal. Living modern means to have an open mind and love one another. We are all human, we are all different, we are all modern. So we hope you join us and Modern Out your day.

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