Over 11 years in business

We know there are tons of new and interesting men's jewelry brands out there that all claim to have tarnish free jewelry. Some things they don't have is over a decades worth of being in business, top tier customer service, lifetime guarantees, & the owner working in office every single day making sure production, shipping and the service is damn near perfection. We don't pay thousands of dollars a week in advertising to gain business. We stay in business because of our years worth of loyal customers and their word of mouth. Look, we started this journey when it wasn't cool for men to wear different styles of jewelry. We know what it takes. Let us help you Modern Out your jewelry game today.

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Hi, I'm Trevor.

I founded Modern Out back in 2012 when jewelry for men wasn't cool.

For years, I worked for a popular clothing company in the mall. Women had hundreds of jewelry options but the men's side had less than a dozen. I saw a desperate need to correct this. I started handcrafting my own bracelets and someone told me I should sell those on the internet. So I did.

Over a decade later, my designs are in the hands of thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world. My jewelry was seen on televisions shows and magazine covers. You could say I was pretty stoked.

Today, Modern Out not only produces unique swag for men but the ladies enjoy them as well. The attention to detail, fast processing, cool packaging, and top tier customer service is what keeps my business afloat.

Listen, I don’t spend thousands of dollars on advertising like the other guys. I rely on my awesome customers and their word of mouth.

If you experience an issue with one of my products, please let me know. I am only human and I will make things right.

Modern Out isn't just my company; it's my canvas. My place to shake things up and be creative.

If you ever want to chat, share your thoughts, or just connect, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at trevor@modernout.com.