NECKLACES - Size guide for chains - Model has a 15.5" neck, is 5' 10" tall and weights 200lbs. Chains with pendants will weigh down the chain a bit more. Before you buy, try using a rope or shoestring around your neck, find the perfect length, then measure it.


BRACELETS - The best way to measure your wrist is with a fabric tape measure. The measurement should be taken at the smallest part of the wrist between the hand and wrist bone. If you don't have a fabric tape measure, you can use string and a ruler. You will need to wrap the string around your wrist and measure it. After you measure it, cut it to the length you measured. Wrap it around again and make sure that it is a perfect (not loose) fit. If it is loose and overlaps, cut again and double check, then that is your final measurement.



RINGS - Here you will find a ring size chart to help you figure out your size without using a ring sizer. All of our rings are in US sizes. If you need a ring sizer, you can purchase one here.