Missing Mail

Thank you for reporting your delivery issue. We appreciate your patients with these types of issues with the postal services and your kind acknowledgement that Modern Out is not the postal service. We will do our best to partake in the postal service's and insurance agencies investigation. 

This form must be submitted within 14 days from your packages "delivered" date shown on the tracking. After 14 days, your claim will automatically be denied. 

You must obtain the GPS coordinates of where your package was scanned as "delivered" - you will have to call the postal carrier for this. The GPS coordinates are for the third party insurance company.

When you submit, you agree to the following: 

AGREE that I have checked with nearby neighbors and other household members about my missing package.

AGREE that I am aware that theft from an unlocked mailbox or front porch is not covered by insurance and the postal service cannot be held liable for thieves.