The Boys of Dune: Accessorize Like Them

Mar 31, 2024Trevor Adams
The Boys of Dune: Accessorize Like Them

We are comparing jewelry worn by the boys of Dune: Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler to options offered here by Modern Out. If you're looking for some style inspiration, we got you covered.


For Timothée Chalamet's layered looks with simple short chains and long pendants, Modern Out's collection of versatile chains and pendants will be suitable for layering like Timothée. Additionally, Timothée tends to layer with pearls and thicker chains for those seeking a more eye-catching style. He also stacks signet rings and simple bands on each hand. Timothée's fashion sense is… unpredictable.

Comparable pieces: Courage Amulet Necklace /// Cuban Chain Necklace /// Modern Pearl Necklace /// Cross Ring /// Cuban Band


For Austin Butler's minimalistic approach with simple thin chains and single bands, complements Modern Out's selection of sleek and understated pieces that align with his style preference. He usually rocks a simple band on one of his fingers. From Elvis to Dune, Austin never fails to conquer the simplistic look.

Comparable pieces: Curb Chain Necklace /// Modern Cable Chain /// Rope Chain Necklace /// Minimal Tungsten Band 

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