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The Best Bedding Ever

The Best Bedding Ever

I love trying out new products from other small businesses. I am a huge online shopper and when my mind is set on something to purchase it's inevitable. Being a small business owner one thing that I cherish the most is a good nights sleep. My sleeping patterns are not what you would call healthy. I go to bed late, I wake up late, I never can fall asleep, I hit the snooze button over and over, and some night I stay awake. I go through melatonin like crazy and could easily get prescribed something much stronger but I thought I would change one thing first - my bedding.

When I first looked up Smart Bedding, which is now Primary Goods, I thought "how could linen be better than egyptian cotton?" I gave it a week or so before I decided to go for it and purchase the $350 bed set with additional charcoal shams. With the 100 night guarantee I couldn't go wrong.

At first I thought the price was a little steep. They even say the retail price is worthy of $650. But then when you think about it, bedding is one of the most important items you will ever purchase becuase you use it every single day. So why go cheap on something you spend your entire life around?

I was skeptical on the softness. "Linen" in my mind isn't all that soft and would I really want to give up the silky smooth feel of my egyptian cotton? Once I received my Primary bedding box I was impressed that each and every piece of bedding has it's own linen pouch. This is perfect if you have to travel or need to place the bedding in storage. At first touch, I was worried. It wasn't super soft. But I read where linen gets softer and softer every time you wash it so I didn't worry. What sold me was during my very first night sleeping with my new bedding. I am extremely hot natured and this new bedding did not store my body all. Egyptian cotton was great for that nice "cool" feeling when you move your legs around your bed but that "cool" feeling goes away in seconds and traps your body heat. Linen is so breathable that I didn't even realize I wasn't hot or clamy once during the night. It was that good of sleep. Oh, and the fact that the top sheet attaches and detaches to the duvet is genius. No more tangled sheets at your feet or complicated bed making. 

I am very excited at how high quality this bedding is. I love the masculine, casual aesthetic it brings to the room. I am looking forward to it getting more soft as I wash it and I am actually sleeping more normal now - and all without having to kick my leg out for some cool air. Maybe I don't need to get prescribed any sleep medication now. 

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