Remembering Why You Started

Remembering Why You Started

Sometimes the hardest part of owning your own business is keeping up with the passion and the progress. Doing the same thing day by day does get a little repetitive and tends to bring you down a bit. When having your own operation, you are your own boss. That means you do not have someone over you telling you "good job" or "here's a raise" and that does get a little disappointing at times. Not really having anyone in the work place to let you know what a great asset you are to their team and to keep you motivated through the days and weeks. This is why it is important to remember why you started.

What made you start you own online business?

Something had to have inspired you to begin your journey to self-employment. It can't just be the money. It may be the feeling of accomplishment, it may be to set your own hours for your family, or even to escape working for "the man." Sometimes looking back on why you wanted to risk it all and become your own success helps your daily inspiration. 

What triggers your passion?

Sometimes looking at other small companies success stories really helps trigger my passion gears. There's nothing better than to see how successful an individual has gotten in 5 years and to read their "about" page or "our story" section. What triggers your passion? It may be visiting the local art gallery or taking a hike in the woods. Whatever it may be, seek it more often. That really helps.

How hungry are you?

No, not for that left over spaghetti last night. True success is shown through the hunger for it. It should just come natural and not just for the money...though that is a big factor. Sometimes the hunger can die down and that's okay, that's normal. Try building it back up. Look at how far you've come. Maybe change things up a bit? Look back at old product photos and see how you have grown since then. Keep your days interesting with your business by growing that hunger. Maybe look at inspiring photos and re-doing the look of your website. Either way, staying busy and seeing yourself change for the better is most important. Look at other companies and notice they do something different here and there. Don't just let your brand sit there. For example, I have a product LookBooks every season. It's fun and I get to decorate my website and social media constantly with new pictures throughout the season. Don't just do nothing but fulfill orders day by day. Do something different! Get hungry for your success!

Somehow, somewhere you started from scratch with a passion on being a successful individual growing a successful independent business. Don't let that person go. 

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