Presentation Really Is Everything

Presentation Really Is Everything

After owning my own ecommerce business for over 4 years I have learned what online shoppers like more than just receiving the product they purchased and that is how the product is presented to them.

One thing that online shoppers don't really get when buying off the internet is the experience. Kind of like what they would receive when shopping in person. To me, that is the most important thing. Going above and beyond with your ecommerce website gives your customers more excitement when buying from you.

And what about your packaging? How does your packaging look when it's sent to your customers home? I can't tell you how disappointed I get when I receive something I ordered in the mail and it isn't packaged good or just seems like it was thrown in a bubble mailer or box without any thought or consideration.

After updating my packaging last year I have had a huge spike in reviews and praise over my products. They already know what they are receiving but they love good atheistic when opening the product they purchased from me. It gives them more excitement and makes them want to continue shopping on my website over and over again. Honestly, it's worth the extra money in packaging but make sure you can afford it.

What you need to have your customers loving your products even more:


Having your products boxed rather than just thrown in a bubble mailer makes a difference. My items are placed in a 4x4x1 kraft box and then is placed inside a bubble mailer. This makes the product I am selling seem more important. This website has great boxes at a reasonable price.

Packaging Tape

It looks really professional to have your own tape with your logo on it. I actually use a 3.5x3.5 sticker that looks like packaging tape (sort of like amazon box tape). It's around $88 for 1000 of them but worth it. Plus the more your logo is displayed on your packaging the better the customer remembers your companies name.

Tissue Paper

Simple, easy and affordable. Themed tissue paper during different holidays is always a good idea. Christmas time use red or green (or both). Valentines would be some shade of red or pink (I use burgundy). Halloween would be orange. And so on - you get the idea.


Great quality stickers to go with what you're selling is like the cherry on top. It's a small added cost but in the long run it's great advertising. Customers who love your products will display your company sticker on their laptop, binder, work station area, etc. Think about it, if you send out a thousand packages with a thousand stickers at least 250 of them will display your stickers where their friends and family can see. Another 1000 packages, another 250 or more and so on. These guys make great stickers!!

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