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Introducing Men's Rings

Introducing Men's Rings
Guys, I am so excited to announce that rings are finally added to our catalog. We have dabbled in rings from time to time ever since we've opened in 2012. But honestly, I didn't really wear rings myself so I wasn't passionate on having them for Modern Out. All that changed since I got engaged last year in August and I love wearing my ring. So much in fact that it gave me a new love for rings. Now I rock two to three rings at a time. And rings have literally been the #1 most requested item - especially in person when I tell people what I do for a living. They ask me what kind of rings do I sell...then I awkwardly tell them I do not sell many rings. So instead of just selling one ring and letting it die out then selling another, I will be launching multiple rings as time goes by - just like I do necklaces - and psssst...I have some great ideas for 2020. You can check out our ring section here. Let me know what you guys think by contacting me here - what styles are you wanting for future launches? I am all ears. =]

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