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How To Make Your Online Business Seem More Professional

How To Make Your Online Business Seem More Professional

Don't mistake this post as "fake your home based company as a corporation" post. To tell you the truth, people don't care whether you are a 1 person company or 20. What the customer really cares about are the qualities of your business.

1) Brand Your Brand

Do you have a logo? How good is your logo? Branding is very, very, and again VERY important part of the professional side of your business. Don't worry about creating this amazing and flashy logo. Keep it clean and simple. People like that. Just start out with a simple font that ties into your business. Look up some fonts here for inspiration. Now get together some colors that best fit your brand. If all else fails, black and white always works.

2) High Quality Product Photos

Are your product photos lacking? Here are some helpful tips. Whether you are using an iPhone or a DSLR camera, always use natural lighting for your product photos. Make sure your product stands out. Do not "over filter" your photos. Keeping as bright and clean as possibly is proven to work best.

3) How "Pretty" Is your Social Media Accounts?

Since you are doing better product photos, display those photos on your instagram. I have seen some accounts with potential lack in their quality of social media photos. Don't just snap a picture and post it. Align your photos, make sure the lighting works, choose the right layers of filters (do not over filter), and just take your time with it. People tend to rush and rushing is not a good idea for growing a business. Some things just take more time for better results.

4) Packaging

If you are making sales, congrats!! Now, how are you packaging your products? Do not spend a fortune on creative packaging. At least not right away. Keeping it clean and simple yet professional will go a long way. Depending on what you are selling and the size of your products, anywhere from thick zip locks bags with logo stickers to kraft paper wrapping with a bow will work. Make an impression. Don't go broke.

5) Amazing Customer Service

Some people are all into how their online shop "looks" but forgets about how important good customer service is. Get in the routine to greet your customer when they contact you and thank them for their interest and support. Customer service goes a long way and can make or break your company. All in all this is one of the most important parts. Have fun with it and make your customers feel special. They'll love it.

These are just some key points on how to make your online business seem more professional. There is so much more you can do from seasonal lookbooks to creative newsletters. Also, getting your own domain name does make your online business seem more spiffy. The list doesn't end to what you can achieve by looking great while growing your business.

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