We Are Modernish

We Are Modernish

Modernish looking out into the island picture

After a very long hiatus, I have decided to revamp the blog and start it back all over again. This time with a new name, Modernish, and a new meaning behind it. For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of blogs and news outlets. I get lost in them. Whether it’s BuzzFeed, Vulture or New York Magazine, I am consistently refreshing these websites for some sort of outlook on the day from entertainment to political news. But I find it hard to stay on top of my own. Why? I have no idea. 

I want a place to release all of my thoughts, my interests, and my work. I decided to attach this blog directly to my shop website this time because we go hand-in-hand. My life's work with my day dreams - seems right to me. Also, the shop gets thousands of unique visits a day so…yeah. Obvi.

Modernish will constantly be updated with how-tos for the fellas, highlights for shopping small, what intrigues me and everything else Modern Out. It blows my mind at how much my brand has grown from the time I started “blogging” way-back-when to now. I have a lot more insight, experience, and inspiration that I am happy to share.

I am excited to start this journey back up again and I hope you follow along the way. I have some great posts lined up with some interesting topics. For the record, I am not a journalist. I am not even all that good with words. You will see run-on sentences and too many adjectives to count. I own it. I even had to Google if “run on” had a dash between the two words. Who cares? I just enjoy this experience and sometimes I have a lot to share.

We’ve been working with a developer to get the Modernish blog organized and running smoothly. Older posts at the time of this article are still in the midst of getting updated inside the blog. Everything should be shiny and polished very soon.

PS: Some of these posts may have limited time coupon codes in them … just saying.