Trevor’s Valentine’s Day Favorites

Trevor’s Valentine’s Day Favorites


With Valentine’s Day creeping up on all of us, this is the one holiday where we all procrastinate. With the Christmas season, everyone prepares a month or longer before — that is not the case with Valentine’s Day (well for 99% of us, anyway).

We at Modern Out try our best to make your shopping experience the best it possibly can be. If you haven’t noticed, we engineered a new “Favorites” tab at the top of the page. This allows everyone to create their own list of favorites and send them out as wishlists — or to just remind yourself of what you like without having to add products to your shopping bag. You can add each item that you like by clicking the star symbol when you are viewing the product. You can even make separate lists inside your list. Easy, simple, effective. 

Now here are my top favorites for the 2023 Valentines Day season:


The new Glyph series is one of my favorites that we have ever launched. They’re not too large, and they can be engraved on the back. So you have an elegant pendant with a personal touch. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.


The Opposites Attract necklace isn’t new but it is one of our most sought after necklaces for Valentine’s Day season. It has also been featured on American Horror Story. It comes in both silver steel and the original brass design.


The very popular Crown Necklace will always be a top favorite of mine. It’s clean and edgy all at the same time. I was thinking of making more designs where the crown inlay is — maybe like a lion face or something — what do you think?


I have been loving the Journey Ring since we launched it. It pairs well with everything and just like the Crown Necklace above: It’s clean and edgy all at the same time.


Now, our top selling Bar Necklace in black will always be a staple of ours. The regular silver version has been our number one seller for 4 years in a row, but there’s something about the black version that just screams dapper. It’s is ultimately the perfect Valentine’s Day present.