Glass Onion house for sale on private island

Things I Am Currently Digging - Volume 1

Glass Onion Compound For Sale On Zillow

Now that 2022 is coming to an end, I wanted to start publishing a list of cool things that I have came across throughout each month. This month has been a busy one - for everyone - and a lot of cool stuff has popped up that I would like to share before the New Year chimes in.

Here is the list of things I am currently digging (loving) at the very end of 2022:


I got the new Apple Watch Ultra for Christmas and this bad boy is awesome. I was surprised at how light - yet big - this watch is. I got the Trail Loop which is ultra comfy to wear.


The house -- or should I say the enormous compound -- from the Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has made its way to Zillow for a whopping $450,000,000 -- or has it? Either way, this house is overkill and I am digging it. #fakenews


Just in time for the New Year: this all blacked out champagne set by Coup has my aesthetic written all over it. Hand painted all black bottle with laser engraved label? Count me in, saber included.


Bathroom shower organizers by Toiletries is a must have for every dude. I personally use these products -- highly recommend. My favorite item is the Face Scrubber which works great when washing your beard too.


This Puffer Jacket from Abercrombie caught my eye. I purchased it, wore it, and love it. It's lightweight, low priced, and gave me all the early 2000s nostalgia I needed.