Keeping The Passion When Others Don't Believe In You

Keeping The Passion When Others Don't Believe In You

This is a subject that most do not talk about yet can be the biggest effect in one's self-employment career. It's the people around you who can change your aspects and you don't even realize it.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a very courageous thing to do. Telling your family and friends "hey, I decided to start my own business" can either be supportive towards your decision or can start the negativity the second you tell them your dreams.

"Like what" they ask, giving you a strange look. You tell them your ideas and then their reply is a short "ah okay..."

Now I don't know if I am the only one that has encountered that reaction when first starting up but the smallest things will effect your desire to move on and grow your business. It all starts with your family and friends and how you care what they think. Their opinion of your ideas and decisions could get crossed and their body language could read that they don't see how you are going to make that work let alone make a living off of it.

Let's say you start your business on Etsy. Of course it won't be an over night success, hardly anything is. But you tend a family reunion or a small dinner party at a friends and you get the "'s that thing your doing on Etsy going?" Yeah...depending on how that question is asked can determine whether they have your back or not and can make you feel that you are in over your head with your small business plan. But in all truth, that doesn't matter.

You are going to come across those who don't see the same vision as you and who don't believe in you. That's okay. Because when you start to succeed, that is the biggest revenge you can ever do to those who second guessed your ideas and didn't show the support you needed. It is going to happen and you're just going to have to ignore it.

I am not saying this will happen to everyone. Anyone who has the full support of their friends, family, husband or wife is extremely blessed. Your work life is at home when you start out being self-employed over the Internet so it is important to get the mental support you need from those who are close to you. If you have doubters, don't stress over it. Just work hard and set your goals to what you are wanting to do. If you show them you work long days, long nights, and weekends on building your brand it will all pay off.

It all starts with you and ends with you. This is your vision, your passion, your art. Take control of it and do not worry about what others think of your ideas. If you want to make and sell toothbrushes, then make and sell toothbrushes. No idea is stupid, dumb, or pathetic. If you see a demand for something and you want to market it in a different way, do it! Have fun and don't stress about what others think. That is one thing you cannot control but remember that you CAN control your business and the direction you lead it. Keep up the hard work!!!

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