How To Work From Home The Right Way

How To Work From Home The Right Way

Working from home is getting easier and we are getting lazier thanks to technology. Being self-employed and your house being your office has it's benefits but others can tell you that they still face challenges. Here is how to work from home the correct way.

1) Set Up Regular Work Hours

This is a common mistake. Working from home, people seem to think they can work anytime during the day (or night). This isn't the best idea. To really get your mind and routine on track, try setting up regular business hours. This does not have to be 9 to 5 but that is recommended as most of your clients/ customers will be communicating with you during this time.

2) Keep Personal Home Issues and Business Home Issues Separated

It's easy to get distracted when working from home. The laundry needs to get done, the dishes are a mess, you need to run errands and go get groceries. Set aside personal time for after your scheduled work hours. Doing these types of things during work hours can affect your concentration and quality of your business life. The same goes for after business hours. Anything that happens after hours that is work related can wait until your next business day. This will keep you more organized and won't make you feel like you are working non-stop.

3) Dress For Work, Not For Bed

There are mixed feelings over wearing work attire at home verses wearing pajamas. Dress to impress even if it's for your dog. This will keep your mind active for business. Get a routine going. Wake up earlier, make some coffee, jump in the shower, and put on work attire. This does not mean put on a suit everyday. I have work shirts with my logo on them. This will help your work day feel separated from your house (even though you work from home) and will make you feel more confident.

4) Work In One Spot

Make sure to have a designated work area in your home. Ideally, this should be a spare bedroom. But if you do not have that luxury, making your spot at the kitchen table, a sun room, or desk area in the living room is better than sporadically working throughout the house. This will help your mind work on, well, work and not home stuff.

5) Take Breaks

This is one of the most important steps. Taking a normal break will help your physical state. Go to the gym, go out to eat with a friend or client. Go for a jog. Just like working in an office, breaks are needed to keep the mind fresh and energized. One of the best benefits with working from home is flexibility with your breaks.

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