How To Keep In Shape While Traveling

How To Keep In Shape While Traveling

For those that are eager to succeed in business and the gym may find it a little harder to accomplish the gym bod you feel you deserve. Traveling a lot can drain you and sometimes feels impossible to get a good work out in. I once was a manager trainee before I became an entrepreneur. I would spend two weeks away from home at a time to help open retail shops and support new managers. This became difficult as I had to rely on corporate to give me good flight times and also hotels with decent gyms. I would also drive 9 to 15 hours at a time some weeks.

Let's admit it, hotel gyms suck. There have been a select few where I was actually impressed with my hotel gym. Sometimes you just have to rely on what you have in your hotel room. Yes, your room.

You are your best barbell or weight plate. lifting just body weight can still lead to a successful workout. The most common exercise would be push ups, of course. This is common sense. Hotels have awesome carpet which allows for the best grip and cushion. This is vital for successful push ups.

Body weight squats are more effective than you think. High rep squats will have you feeling the pump in your legs that you desire. Try over head squats too. Raise your arms high above your head. With good balance you will love these. You can even try using your luggage for extra weight.

Also, try using the desk and desk chair in your hotel room. Sometimes you will get a rolling desk chair so be careful with those. But use stable chairs and desks for incline push ups and inverted rows. Get fancy with it if you must just try not to break the furniture.

For your core workout, simple crunches and reverse crunches are a must. Again, the carpet in hotels are awesome support for your back. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Those who thrive for success understands this. You will find ways to make it work.