Do You Actually Like Your Job?

Do You Actually Like Your Job?

Being self-employed can be a rewarding feeling regardless of what you are selling. But some could only be in it for the money and not for the passion. Yes, money is a very important part of your business but if that is all you are in search of is money, money, money then your quality of business will dwindle over time.

Loving your self-employment and what you are doing is an entire new ball game towards a feeling of success. Some of you may not be self-employed and completely hate that you are working for someone else's goals and dreams. But believe it or not, a lot of self-employed entrepreneurs are not happy what-so-ever with their jobs. Why? Because they aren't passionate about their service.

A huge part of feeling successful is actually loving what you are doing. Some may feel that what they love and enjoy doing may not be the best business plan. That is wrong. You can sell anything, it just depends on your presentation. Do I enjoy every bit of my self-employment? No. There are ups and downs to every self-employed job. Especially the home office ones. Most of the time you are alone all day everyday and that can be a bit of a downer. You may love your service or products but some hate the idea of being secluded everyday. And most cannot afford an employee or yet even need one.

I use twitter as my communication with other self-employed business owners. And there are TONS. With our technology today, you can feel connected to almost anyone around the world. Spotify also helps with the loneliness. A good playlist can go a long way with the feeling of working a lone. Yet, music can sometimes be repetitive and just annoy you over time until new music is released. This is where Netflix helps me. I hung a flat screen tv in my studio room and when I feel that music bugs me that day I will switch on Netflix for some background noise. I can sometimes play the same movie over and over again. Some movies just never get old to me and can even inspire me throughout the day. Of course I am not just sitting there watching them minute by minute. I have to get some work done too! Finally, pets can be a huge impact of your day to day feeling of being secluded from others.

Some of you may love the feeling of being a lone through the work week. And that's not a problem. But you may feel the boredom kick in when slow days emerge. Lets face it, just like a go-to job some days you are just bored out of your mind and can't wait until the shift ends. Being self-employed you usually wear all the hats in the business so this should defiantly keep you busy throughout the day. Catch up on your accounting and receipts (Quick Books Self-employed), spend a day shooting new product photos for your Instagram account, draw up new project ideas for new merchandise, write or create a blog. There are TONS of things you can do throughout the day to help build your business. Working for yourself there really is no such thing as a slow day.

Overall, loving what you do is the most important aspect of being self-employed. If you cannot wait to get to work the next day you are already successful. How many people can say that?

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